Thursday, February 3, 2011

Upin My Supply. HELP! & Project 31!


So my little one is 5 month old, and I am currently supplementing! The reason I am is because I had surgery and couldn't keep up with nursing and pumping and the pain medications lowered me drastically :( I have a HUGE desire to nurse full time at least until Noah is one. Any ideas on increasing supply??

What I have tried:
Nursing all day
Mothers Milk Tea

Project 31:

Day 4. Style 31. Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.

Mustard yellow strapless top
Navy blue shorts
gold sandals


  1. i love that top! I read somewhere that coconut oil helps with milk supply bc it has lactic acid in it (which apperantly is in breast milk). I am a newbie- and I don't know if it works- but I am trying to take it now to help.

  2. Oh no! I am not sure what else for you to do, as the things that you are doing seem to be the best ones for increasing your supply. Continue drinking the mother's milk tea and taking Fenugreek -- even if it doesn't seem to be working! And pray pray pray! I do not doubt that God will come through for you!
    Also, stop supplementing. It will be hard the first few days as he starts to understand that he no longer will get a bottle; but it will be so difficult to build your supply if you aren't exclusively breastfeeding. Take those few days and just nurse him all the time! Lay in bed with your shirts off so you both are skin to skin -- this helps oxytocin production and will help the natural supply from your body. Your baby will also want to eat from you more and it will help bonding back to you. I also very much encourage sleeping with your baby at night: God designed our babies to be with us during the night and it is proven that if they are next to you and not seperated from you, your supply will increase to meet their needs. Feed him on demand -- he will eat when he is hungry! (: (:
    I hope this helps somewhat! Feel free to call me if you need support! Love to you and your baby (and hubby too!).
    Walking with the King,
    in Love, In Christ