Thursday, November 25, 2010


FINALLY! I got my gallbladder out!!! woohoooo!!! I spent the lest 5 months of my pregnancy in EXTREME pain (worse than contractions) maybe... haha because of my stinkin gallbladder! Monday I went in and had it removed, I was sooooooo nervous and saw my life ending in the OR. I now know I watched to much Greys Anatomy. Anyway, I am recovering well, slowly but surely.

SO thankful this year. So many ch-ch-changes in my life for the better, I just looked at my son today and cried. I was so distraught a year ago about possibly not being able to have such a miracle. And I was so blessed to be able to have sweet baby Noah. God can do whatever he wants. I think we get wrapped up in everything else sometimes, what to do when we are pregnant. What the right thing to do as a parent. ECT. And it becomes this battle of opinions and who is right and who is wrong. BUT when I look at my baby boy, this MIRACLE. I don't care about anything else in this world. God gave Judah and I this ANGEL, and we are so unworthy of this gift. I am blessed this Thanksgiving beyond belief. My God is such a good God. He saved my husband from leukemia, he gave me an amazing man, he helped me through the pregnancy from (hell) :) and gave me baby NOAH. How can I not say I am thankful this Thanksgiving. I told Judah this morning "Remember when we would sit around the table and everyone would say what they where thankful for and everyone would say, my family?" "Well.... I get it now." :) Thank you Lord for my family. I love them. Nothing else matters anymore. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010