Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Months.

Time flies by when you have a child! I can not believe he is four months old!! He has changed so much and can do some "tricks" Is what I call them, but YES I realize he is NOT a dog. haha He does a little pharaoh, pharaoh dance that is adorable. (Well I guess I sing and move him hands. He also can sit in the corner of the couch and if you say "come here" he will fall to you. AND the BEST one is if I ask him to "hold his toes" when I am changing him diaper he does it! It's so cute, I need to get a picture of that!

Over the past month we were pretty busy. We went to the beach for a few days, and Noah got to see the ocean for the first time. Although, this picture describes his beach experience..

My brother and his beautiful expecting wife came into town to meet Noah for the first time, I love them so much!

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!!

Becca and Noah :)

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  1. I miss you guys so much! I can't believe he is already 4 months old... Love you!