Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crying it out!?

To sleep or not to sleep!!!??

Oh, my sweet baby Noah does not like to fall asleep without being rocked.

Although, I LOVE rocking him, I know this could become a bad habit. I can't stand hearing him cry, it makes me cry. He is a dry crier (no tears) But if I leave him in his little bed at nap time and he starts crying there are tears!! Breaks my heart. I'm not sure if I want to keep trying this "cry it out" method!

My husband and I are trying to decide on vaccinating Noah or not, this is a really tough decision. We are doing the research so if anyone has research that they have done on this please feel free to pass it our way :)

Raining again :)

Becca and Noah


  1. Our grands have had vaccinations and they're fine. Whooping cough has been going around. I'd hate to see you have to fight with some of the diseases that are coming back because of people foregoing the vaccines with their children. I know it is so hard to know what to believe that's out there in regards to this. Praying for you that you will have wisdom on this!

  2. FREE vaccination seminar on Nov 9th at 7pm. If you are, call Advantage Chiropractic at 425-6620 to get your name on the list.

  3. Yeah Im already planning on attending! )

  4. We've been staggering our kids vaccinations....waiting on some of the things that they are unlikely to get exposed too cause of our lifestyle (Like Hep B). But going forward with things like Whooping Cough.

  5. We plan to do a delayed/reduced vaccination schedule also. We are doing some of the big ones like MMR and DtP but not quite as soon as CDC recommends. We aren't doing Hib or Hep B or Chicken Pox

  6. A friend of mine did all the research: We however, intend to vaccinate our son just in case...

  7. Thanks for the information! :) I will totally check it out.
    Yeah it is so hard to make the decisions, I think we will end up doing most of the vaccinations..

  8. Hi Rebecca I just found your blog from Mandy's. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I would love to send you some info on Vaccines that I have -- you can email me!
    Or we can talk over the phone.
    The main deciding factor for most Christians is that all vaccines have aborted fetal tissue in them. Not good. :S
    Also, deadly diseases dramatcially decreased in 1960, before vaccines were introduced. God will protect us from diseases and some diseases, like measles or chicken pox are actually okay for our bodies. If you look at the vaccine pamphlets you may notice that the risks from the vaccine itself is worse than getting the disease! It's all very scary once you fully research it all! (:
    So I don't know what you guys have found or read but I have some wonderful links/resources and information to share if you need it.
    Walking with the King, in Love, in Christ,